Rodgers Ridge

Rogers Ridge high point

It’s time to get serious about getting in shape for this summer.  I went for a long hike up Rodgers Ridge in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon.  A few days ago I was looking at peaks in Google Earth and came across what looked like an interesting high point along Rodgers Ridge so yesterday I went out to check it out.  Unfortunately the high point wasn’t as interesting as I had hoped.  The trees surrounding it blocked what looked like an amazing view of the surrounding peaks.  Even though the views were disappointing, I still had an amazing spring day hiking in the Blue Mountains.  The technical details for the hike can be found at my Garmin Connect site (

Last year I purchased a new GravityWorks water filter and have absolutely fallen in love with it.  With the gravity filter there’s no need for pumping.  I fill up the upper reservoir hang it in a tree or sit it on a rock then all you have to do is let gravity filter the water into the lower reservoir.  Now instead of having to pump filter water I can sit back relax

Filtering water out of Bear Creek

while the water’s being filtered.  If anyone out there’s looking for a new filter check out the GravityWorks.


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