Cascade Threefer

I’m getting a little behind on my trip reports so I’m going to be a little brief with this one.  July 12-13 I headed over to the Cascade Mountains to climb a few peaks on my way to the Willamette Valley to pick up my son.  I’ve been looking at putting together a “threefer” trip in which I would tie Mount Thielsen, Holly’s Ridge, and Howlock Mountain in a long day hike/climb.

I arrived at the Mount Thielsen TH late in the day and decided to hike up a few miles to camp for the evening.  The miles I hiked on Thursday night would lessen the amount I would have to hike on Friday so off I went.  My camp for the evening was on a small fairly flat spot on the flank of Thielsen and after melting a little snow for water and having a quick dinner I went to sleep knowing Friday was going to be a long one.  I awoke Friday morning at 3:45 am and was out of the tent and hiking by 4:00 am.

Howlock Mountain (Taken from the east summit toward the center summit)

I climbed up Thielsen and watched the sunrise from the summit, climbed back down, packed up camp, and traversed around the north side of the peak to Holly’s Ridge.  From the summit of Holly’s Ridge I hiked down Sawtooth Ridge to Howlock Mountain where I climbed to the summit of both high points.  From Howlock Mountain I hiked down the west side to the Howlock Mountain trail.

All in all I hiked over 20 miles and climbed 3 peaks off the 100 highest list in a day and yes, I was exhausted.


#75, #76, and #77



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