Peak Training The Triathlon Way

It was pointed out to me yesterday that my last post was in January.  I guess I felt like since I’ve been focusing on getting into top physical condition and not climbing peaks that posting a blog in regards to climbing Oregon’s highest peaks wasn’t appropriate.  Appropriate?  This is my blog and I can post whatever I feel like posting so I’m going to start posting on everything it takes to get up the highest 100 peaks, or at least what it takes for me.

2012 USMS Zone Championship Meet, Moscow, ID.

Over the last four months I’ve been training hard for an upcoming local triathlon called the Onion Man.  Yes, it’s located in the city of Walla Walla which is famous for its’ Walla Walla sweet onions hence the name “Onion Man”.  For those of you that personally know me, when I make my mind up and set a goal I put everything I have into the project to finish it to the best of my ability.  The Onion Man is an Olympic distance triathlon (1.5 k swim, 40k bike, and a 10k run).

When I finally made up my mind to participate in the triathlon I realized I had a lot of training ahead.  In February I started in earnest to ramp up my training efforts.  I all but stopped hiking and focused on the three disciplines that make up a triathlon.  Swimming wasn’t a problem; I’ve been swimming 6 days a week on a consistent basis even participating in a couple USMS swim meets this last winter/spring.

My work would be focused on biking (I didn’t even have a road bike when I made up my mind on the Onion Man) and running while maintaining my swimming fitness.  I’ve always loved cycling and after I purchased a new road bike (prices have gone up since the last time I purchased one…ugh) I began putting on the miles.  Walla Walla has a great biking community and after solidifying my cycling fitness foundation I hooked up with the local shop rides to increase distances and speed.  I’ve come to fully enjoy the shop rides which occur a few times a week.

Tuesday evening shop ride.

The discipline I dreaded the most was the running.  For some reason I’ve never enjoyed running like I have with swimming and cycling.  It seems a little crazy that someone who will hike mile after mile day after day would hate running.  My excuse has always been “It will hurt my knees”.  My beautiful wife Romy pushed me to start logging the miles it would take to be ready for the race.  She’s been heading to the track on a consistent basis for the last few months and we started going together on Saturday mornings.  Those Saturday morning runs were not only mentally painful but surprisingly enough, enjoyable as well.  Now I’m running the 10 k distances on a consistent basis and oddly enough I’m starting to enjoy it.  Running is my weakest of the three disciplines and is where I can make up the most time.

As part of my training plan I participated in two Sprint Distance Triathlons the Snake River Sprint Tri in Lewiston, ID and the Spring Whitman Sprint Tri in Walla Walla, WA.  I had an amazing time in both and I can’t wait to compete in the Onion Man next weekend!

So, how does this relate to climbing Oregon’s highest peaks?  February 12, 2012 to today I’ve logged over 1,100 miles in training, I’m physically in better shape than I have been in some time and I know I’m ready to take the peaks head on.  On the 28th of May, the day after the Onion Man, we’re planning on heading down to south central Oregon to attempt Deadhorse Rim, Gearhart Mountain, and Yamsay Mountain.  If all goes well with those three we might add a couple more to the trip.

Taken by my beautiful wife at the Snake River Tri in Lewiston, ID.

One thought on “Peak Training The Triathlon Way

  1. I am so proud to be your partner in life! I have a feeling this is just the very beginning of amazing things to come for you. I can’t wait to see what comes next! Soo excited for our trip!

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