Looking Forward

I honestly had visions of finishing the project last year, then reality hit hard.  Early season access to trail heads was a huge issue with the cold spring and a snow-pack that took its sweet time melting.  The realization hit around mid summer that I would be spending another year (possibly two) climbing the remaining peaks off the list.  I did however finish off the the remaining peaks located in the Strawberry Mountains and put a big dent into the remaining peaks in the Wallowas.

(An image of each trip can be seen below)

5/12/11 - Pueblo Mountain
5/13/11 West Pueblo Summit
6/10/11 Cougar Peak Summit
6/13/11 Pelican Butte Summit
6/14/11 Mt McLoughlin (From the summit looking towards Pelican Butte)
6/16/11 Mt. Bailey
6/17/2011 Warner Peak
6/25/11 Mt. Melissa (One of my favorite peaks of the year)
7/2/11 Elkhorn Peak
7/9/11 Hurwal Divide
7/21/11 Graham Mountain - West
7/21/11 Graham Mountain
7/31/11 Hurricane Divide - South


8/26/11 Cusick Mountain
8/26/11 Sentinel Peak
9/2/11 Berry-Norton Peak
9/2/11 Pine Creek Mtn - East Peak
9/2/11 Indian Creek Butte
10/7/11 Arrow Lake Peak

I ended 2011 with a total of 19 peaks off the list for the year and an overall total of 66 peaks which leaves only 34 to go.  I covered most of the state in 2011 climbing in the southeast corner of the state in May to the southwest corner in June, then back to the northeast corner for the rest of the year.  This winter I’m planning a couple of trips into the Wallowa Mountains to attempt winter ascents on Twin Peaks and Granite Mountain.  I’m done making predictions of when I’ll finish the project, I’m planning on taking it one peak at a time with the focus of enjoying the unique nature of each peak left to climb.

66 down 34 to go!





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