Winter Summer Winter

There’s no such thing as spring or fall! 

Arrow Lake Peak Summit

It’s been awhile since my last post and no it’s not because I’ve been sitting on the couch at home ignoring the 100 peaks project.  Let’s see, I did climb the remaining 3 peaks in the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness Area, and I did make an attempt at a couple peaks in the Wallowas back in September in which I had to have my car towed home. (I’ll write more about the “Killing The Car” trip in the future when it’s not so raw.)  So, it’s October, a new month and with September in the rear view mirror I knew that I’d have an excellent October in which I’d hit over 70 total peaks setting up a manageable 2012 with 30 peaks left to summit.  I have a feeling I was wrong about October.

The Plan

Arrow Lake Peak, Cached Lake Peak, The Needle, Hidden Lake North Peak, and Eagle Lake East Peak.  I had even thought that if everything went right I’d bag a sixth peak Culver Lake South Peak.  Yes, an ambitious plan, but I felt like I was due for a good trip.

The Results

Summited:  Arrow Lake Peak (In the middle of a snow storm in whiteout conditions)

(From our camp at Arrow Lake)

Attempted:  Cached Lake Peak (I was within a few hundred feet from the top before having to turn around due to treacherous conditions.)

(I snapped this footage before turning around just below the summit of the peak)


Yes, one peak…one out of five.

I’ll be honest, I’m at my wits end in regards to this year.  It started with a winter season that wouldn’t end and now the two month long summer in the mountains is coming to an end by what could be an early winter.  I’m at 19 peaks off the list for the year when I hit over forty last year and yes I really thought I had a shot at finishing the project this year.  I’m getting a little concerned that I might not make it next year.

The Future

One peak/mountain at a time.  Even though this year hasn’t gone as planned it still has been an amazing year and I’ve seen spectacular mountain landscapes.  I’ve worked hard to complete all of  the peaks in the Wallowa Mountains from the list, it appears that I’ll fall a little short, but I did give it an amazing effort.

I’m off to dust off my snowshoes and make an appointment at the local body shop for the car.

66 down, 34 to go!  (Yes, in the video above I say 66 down 36 to go, I was a little sleep deprived that morning.)




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