Two Out Of Three…

First of all, I had an amazing hike into the Wallowa Mountains and even though I fell a little short of the three peak goal the trip was a success.  I’m planning on posting pictures and information about the trip in the coming week, but for now check out the 360’s from the summits of both Sentinel Peak and Cusick Mountain.

62 down, 38 to go!


6 thoughts on “Two Out Of Three…

    1. Thanks Caleb, the ridge between Cusick and Marble looked a little iffy so I’m planning on heading in from Indian Crossing for Marble. You’re gonna love Cusick, it’s definitely a magical place.

  1. I actually hiked up the East Fork Wallowa River trail to Polaris Pass then south down the ridge over Sentinel to Cusick. Then I dropped back down into honeymoon basin and off the side to Frazier Lake to connect with the West Fork trail and back to the trailhead to complete a nice loop.

  2. Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

    I’m looking forward to do the same trip next week (Wallowa Lake – Aneroid Lake – camp in Honeymoon – Cusick) if the weather cooperates. Last year I tried to follow the ridge from Hawking pass to Cusick – and got stuck b/w gendarmes, too exposed for my liking. I’m surprised you were able to drop from Honeymoon to Frazier Lake – its pretty steep all the way, isn’t it. I was thinking about walking diligently back to Polaris pass and follow the trail down to the 6 mile meadow. I did Matterhorn and Frazier-Glacier-MIrror-6 mile meadow loop few times, but never traversed Pete’s-Sentinel-Cusick ridge.


    1. Have an awesome trip! The drop down to Frazier was a little sketchy I studied it for quite some time before I committed going down; I think there’s really only one way down without using a rope.

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