Elkhorn Mountain

I found a "level" spot just wide enough for the tent...my room with a view!

56 down, 44 to go!


3 thoughts on “Elkhorn Mountain

  1. Hi Troy,

    A buddy and I are headed out there after Labor Day. Thanks for this posting. From which side did you approach Elkhorn? Do you think there is a way to follow the NWN ridgeline from there to drop down to Maxwell Lake?

    –Dave Judkins

    1. Hi Dave,

      There might be a few points you’ll have to work around, but I think it’s possible to get over to Maxwell from Elkhorn. I approached by the shallow gully on the south side of the peak that extends from Copper Creek all the way to the top of the ridge directly below the summit. I attempted the steep ridge line just to the east of the gully and made it halfway up before I ran into a cliff face that I wasn’t about to attempt solo so I traversed into the gully and kicked steps in the steep snow slope to the summit. I would imagine that the gully without snow is full of granite boulders and would still be a viable approach in late summer. The view from the top is amazing, I hope you have an excellent trip!


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