Pueblo Mountain

Pueblo Mountain

Well, I’m finally off number forty seven!  Last week I drove down to the southeast corner of the state of Oregon to climb up Pueblo Mountain and West Pueblo Mountain.  I’d been watching the Oregon SNOTEL sites located in southern Oregon, tracking the melting of the winter snow pack to a point where I felt comfortable enough to make a serious attempt on two of two peaks from the list.

I left late in the afternoon on Wednesday the eleventh to make the long six and a half hour drive to the Arizona Creek.  Arizona Creek is a small creek which provides an access point up into the Pueblo Mountains.

Arizona Creek Road

A very rough road, suitable only for four-wheel drive vehicles,  follows the creek up and around the south side of the peak.  Before I left home I had made the decision to drive my passenger car to the beginning of the road and make the long hike from there.  I arrived at the road at 11:30 pm and quickly found a place to park not far off the paved road then kicked the chair back and grabbed about four hours sleep.

One good thing about sleeping in a car is that you never have to worry about sleeping in, as soon as I noticed the sky getting lighter I quickly packed the rest of the gear and started the long hike up the road.

Another false summit or is it the summit

The excellent weather, lack of snow on the lower slopes, and just my plain excitement played a role in my fast hiking pace and before too long I was looking up at the north ridge of Pueblo Mountain.  Knowing I had a couple thousand feet to hike on the north ridge I stopped and filtered a couple quarts out of a small creek.  The hike up the north ridge was uneventful, I kept up a fast pace climbing over one false summit to another until I couldn’t hike any higher.  Finally I can now say… 48 down and 52 to go!



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