Pine Creek Basin

Pine Creek Basin, originally uploaded by Troy {webtwb}.

I finally completed the Elkhorn Range! Last weekend I climbed Vinegar Hill, Crown Point, and Peak 8880. I left work on Thursday and drove down to Vinegar Hill and to my relief I was able to drive within a few hundred feet from the top. The weather has definitely turned and while I was standing on the summit it began to snow…what happened to summer. From the Vinegar Hill I drove to the base of Crown Point then slept in the truck.
I woke up early Friday and summited Crown Point before 9am and hiked back to the truck and drove over to Pine Creek. Pine Creek Rd is a “4wd” road in every since of the term but I was still able to drive within a mile of Pine Creek Res. I hiked up the road then up an unmaintained trail to the ridge leading to the summit. I was standing on top of the final Elkhorn Peak before 5pm. What an amazing 24 hours. I’ll try to post more about this trip this evening. I’m planning on heading to Granite Butte in the Wallowas tomorrow for a day climb for my 35th peak.


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