Chimney Lake, Wallowa Mountains

Had company on the trip last weekend, a coworker and his wife joined my adventure up to Chimney Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area. We hiked up to the lake on Friday afternoon and stayed the night next to the lake. Saturday morning we woke up early and Steve concentrated on taking pictures (over 700) of the beautiful high elevation cirque and lake while Tara and I hiked up and summited three peaks.
The image above was taken from the ridge leading up to the first peak, North Chimney Lake Peak. After reaching the summit of North Chimney we descended back to the trail and hiked up to Hobo Lake then ascended the moderate slope up to the summit of Lookout Mountain which towers over Hobo Lake. From Lookout we descended the west side of the peak and hiked an additional 2 miles to North Minam-Bear Creek Peak then returned back to Chimney Lake. It really was an amazing hike and all three peaks were quite unique.
We were back at the lake and packed before 3:00 pm on Saturday then headed back down to the cars at the trailhead on the Lostine River. I might post a longer blog so stay tuned.

Twenty seven down, seventy three to go!


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