Changed it up a little this last weekend, instead of the usual leave Thursday night drive to a trailhead and hike into a remote location and camp before summiting a peak or two or three then heading back home I had a couple day hike trips Saturday and Sunday. It’s nice to change things up a little, try something new. Last week I originally thought I’d head down to the Strawberry Mountains to climb four peaks off the list that in all reality would be quite easy in comparison to the peaks I had done the previous weeks, but as with a lot of things the plans changed.
I belong to a few different online forums and sites that have information about different peaks in the northwest and around the world. I use the wealth of information on the sites for planning and also for providing information for others interested in the same peaks. I guess you could say they’re sites for others just as crazy as me so it’s nice to communicate with other wacked out individuals. I received a message from one of the members from summitpost.com asking if I would be interested in climbing Red Mountain in the Wallowa Mountains and the Red Mountain in the Elkhorn mountain range in the same weekend. Ok so…I love a challenge, the time line went something like this.

Friday night: Drive to the trailhead and camp out for an early start on Saturday.

Red Mountain, Wallowa Mountains

Saturday: Wake up before 5am get on the trail by 6:00ish climb 6.8 miles up a trail with too many switchbacks to count to a high lake then cross country another 1.5 miles to the base of the peak. Climb up the remaining 2000’ of talus to the summit ridge then make your way around cliffs to reach the summit. Oh, then turn around and walk back to the truck in the same day, drive to Baker City, Oregon eat a plate of spaghetti and meatballs then drive up to the next trailhead in the Elkhorn Mountains.

Sunday: Wake up around 5:30am eat and get walking before 7 up the remaining 2.5 miles of road that we deemed not worthy of “breaking” our vehicles to the trailhead. Walk up the approx mile to Red Lake at the base of our second Red Mountain then up the steep southern ridge leading up to the summit of the Red Mountain in the Elkhorn Mountains. You guessed it, turn around and hike back down the mountain to the road and back to the cars and drive home to complete the “Red Mountain Challenge”.

Red Mountain, Elkhorn Mountains

1. Having an obsession (usually fol. by with or by): He is obsessed with eliminating guilt. (Dictionary.com)

Ok for me I think the definition should be:

1. Having an obsession (usually fol. By with or by): He is obsessed with climbing Oregon’s highest 100 peaks.

Truly I have an obsession, I know it; recognize it, living with it. Is there organization I could get in touch with that could help? I guess in all reality I don’t want help, wait I probably shouldn’t say that or does that mean I’m not ready for help if I can’t admit I need it, yeah I know I’m confused too.
I woke up this morning feeling ok, muscles eh not bad, sunburn stinging a little, and feet feeling shredded. Two months of pounding the feet every week is taking a toll, but as with every week by Thursday they’ll be feeling well enough to do it all over again. Twenty two peaks down only seventy eight to go, yes almost a quarter of the way to the goal one hundred high peaks in Oregon. In all reality my obsession could probably carry me up to the top of another fifteen peaks before winter if my feet hold out. Oh, I have winter gear, I’m sure I can find a few peaks to climb in the winter too.

Obsession…yes I have one.


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