Strawberry Mountain

Strawberry Mountain, originally uploaded by Troy {webtwb}.

This coming week I will be heading down to central Oregon to the Strawberry Mountain Range to climb Strawberry Mountain, Graham Mountain, Graham Mountain West, and Indian Butte all of which are on the 100 list. I’m hoping for an “easy” week for the project, after two months and 20 peaks, I’m due.
I worked as a contractor for about 13 years in the eastern Oregon/Washington National Forest and I always enjoyed working around the Strawberry Mountains. This image was taken one summer evening when I camped out “under the stars” on the ridge leading to the summit of Strawberry Mountain, from that night I’ve been waiting for the day that I would finally be able to hike to the top. Even though the job allowed me to see amazing landscapes and peaks my time was limited to concentrating on the vegetation inventory plots so I passed many peaks I would’ve loved to summit.
It took a few years to finally get back to the Strawberries, but the time is finally here!


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