Angell Peak

Angell Peak is number 51 on the Oregon’s Highest Peaks and is located in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest in the Elkhorn Mountain range of eastern Oregon.  The peak is part of a set of peaks that form the northern most edge of the Elkhorn Mountains to the south of the Baker Valley.  Access to the peak is fairly easy due to its close proximity to the Anthony Lakes Ski Area and forest road 7300.

With temperatures in the Walla Walla Valley reaching up into the 90’s I decided to look for nice cool place to spend my Sunday so I focused on Angell Peak.  I knew from looking at the location of the peak that it appeared that it would be an easy peak to summit in a day so I decided to make the 2 hour 115 mile drive to Anthony Lake.  I left fairly late in the morning from Walla Walla and didn’t arrive at the lake until after 12:00 pm, right in the hottest part of the day.  I drove into the Anthony Lake Campground and around to the boat launch area to park and start my hike.   The boat launch is typically a “fee” area, but as of last weekend they’re not collecting the fees, I wasn’t bummed.


The view from the trailhead was amazing, three to four snow covered granite peaks rise about a thousand feet above the lake.  I chose a route that would take me up the Hoffer Lake Trail to Hoffer Lake, then from the lake I would travel cross country picking my way around and over the large boulders and exposed rock into an upper basin below Angell Peak.

The remaining 500’ up to the summit I chose a direct line straight up the snow slope.  From the summit I could look across the Baker Valley at the Wallowa Mountains where I had spent my previous Thursday evening and Friday summiting China Cap.  I could also see the remaining peaks I have left to summit in the Elkhorn Range.  I most likely will return to this area over the 4th of July weekend to summit Van Patten Butte and Peak 8525, both of which are on the list of 100.


All in all I had an amazing day, beautiful views, cool air, and a fairly easy peak to mark off the list.


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