Oregon’s Highest 100 Peaks

InspirationStimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.  Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind


Inspiration is something I’ve been lacking for the past couple of years.  I’ve had many amazing things happen many of which have been quite wonderful, but I’ve also been missing something.  I think there are times in our lives that we just lack direction and for me my compass has been spinning.   I have a couple of projects that I want to continue to strive for.  For starters I still want to finish paddling the Columbia River from its headwaters to the mouth at the Pacific Ocean (Columbia Lake to above the Hanford Reach remains unfinished).  I’m also trying to plan a trip to Denali in the future; it’s been one of those peaks for me that have special meaning.  Even with the major personal goals I’ve still lacked a center focus.  A focus on something obtainable throughout my everyday life, something other than the normal work on my career, home, ect.

I’m a planner…some people cringe when they hear me say it but it’s so true.  I have to have something in the works at all times, it can be exhausting for others, but for me it gives me a goal.  Lately I’ve had that feeling, that feeling that many people experience when you know something’s going to happen or that “light” is going to all of the sudden turn on (insert the sound of angels singing).  That feeling’s been missing for awhile, mainly due to many personal reasons that weren’t necessarily bad things, just things that needed to be worked through.  My life, my personal life is getting back in order and my mind can start wandering back to the mountains.

For those of you that haven’t experienced summiting on a remote peak isolated and alone with the incredible feeling of accomplishment, it’s more powerful than any drug.  To me, it’s a cleansing of the soul, a way to exert an extreme amount of energy and focus on one goal.  Pushing my mind and body together working in unison to accomplish what I set out to accomplish.  The amazing feeling of completing the goal begins with all of the initial planning, scheduling, training, ect, it’s a total process.

1271757544_df55af17d5For many months I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of obtainable goal that would fulfill my needs to push myself physically and mentally which in return would have a positive effect on my everyday life, it’s just the way it works for me.   Last week I started planning a weeklong trip with the goal of climbing Mt. Saint Helens and Mt Adams in the same week.  It’s sort of a reunion with St Helens, I haven’t climbed it since the late 80’s and now it’s the 30 year anniversary of it blowing its top off.  For Adams, I’ve always had a fascination with Adams, it’s a lesser known mountain in the state of Washington, but it’s extremely beautiful, especially from the north side.  I’ve climbed it a few times, with the Adams Glacier route being my fav route; it’s a classic Cascade Mountain route typically with very few people on the route at the same time.  The planning of the trip sparked something deeper than the typical week trip.  I began thinking of other peaks to climb and that’s when I saw the list of Oregon’s 100 highest peaks (500’ prominence).

The list of the highest peaks in Oregon was quite intriguing, I’ve lived in Oregon for most of my life and climbed many of the lesser known peaks along with many of the popular ones, but there are many on the list that I’ve never heard of.  Peaks on the list cover the entire state with 37 of the peaks located practically out my backdoor in the Wallowas.  The more I investigated the peaks on the list the more excited I became, what an ambitious goal, climb all 100 of the peaks.


I plan on using my blog section of this site to continually update the progress of the 100 Peak Project and will post more information in the coming days on how I plan on accomplishing the goal and how long I plan on giving myself.  (I hate open ended goals so it will be under a time limit) I will also post the list showing which peaks I’ve climbed (not sure yet if I will reclimb the peaks yet or not…details details) and the ones left to climb so you’ll be able to follow along.  I will also carry my camera gear to document all of the locations and climbs.  The images will be posted on this site in a section that I will create specifically for the project.

Stay tuned…it could be an interesting ride through the high peaks of the amazing state of Oregon.


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